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2013 Australian Teams Announced
Underwater Hockey Australia/  2013
The 2013 Australian Underwater Hockey teams were selected at the recent
Australian Underwater Hockey Championships.

NZ Underwater Hockey team trains at Coastlands Aquatic Centre

Voxy - ‎18/lug/2013‎

The New Zealand Women's Underwater Hockey team is having its last practice together at the Coastlands Aquatic Centre this Sunday before the world championships in Hungary in August.
mon43 - ‎07/lug/2013‎

Depuis vendredi 5 et jusqu'au lundi 8 juillet, l'équipe de France de hockey subaquatique fait étape au Puy-en-Velay. Quatre jours de stage intensif afin de se préparer aux mondiaux 2013. Fin août, en Hongrie, la France ira en effet défendre son titre ...

Bunbury Mail - ‎16/lug/2013‎

By JEMILLAH BICKERTON. July 17, 2013, 10 a.m.. UNDERWATERHOCKEY: Bunbury man Jamie North has been given a trip of a lifetime after he was selected to represent Australia at the underwater hockey World Championships.

Noblett honoured to earn selection for the GB U23 underwater ...

Bedford Today - ‎22/Lug/2013

On his selection, the Dunstable Underwater Hockey Club player said: “I was on a gruelling 18-month trial with every player in the country who attended the GB sessions.
Nelson Mail - ‎25/giu/2013‎

Sarah Preston and Christie Whitehead were both part of gold medal-winning campaigns at the world underwater hockey age group championships in the Netherlands two years ago.
The Northern Scot - ‎14/lug/2013‎

Specialist equipment needed to play underwater hockey includes fins, a snorkel, head cap, glove, mouth guard and a stick. Stephanie, who trains in Basingstoke, said: "It's quite a niche sport, but it's surprising how many countries there are where it's ...

David Does It: Underwater hockey

MyFoxOrlando.com - ‎

Underwater hockey uses a 3-pound puck and is played in a pool at the International Drive swim center. Co-ed teams are six-on-six.

London's top ten oddball sports

Time Out London - ‎07/lug/2013‎

Perhaps not the greatest spectator sport, underwater hockey was invented in the 1950s by subaqua divers. Players use a small stick to push a 1.2kg puck - the 'squid' - along the floor of a pool into the other team's goal.
Cincinnati.com - ‎20/lug/2013‎

Just ask Roger Bacon High School rising junior Kevin Dinh, who competed with the Spartans in the USA Underwater Hockey 2013 National Championships July 12 to 14.
Tasmania Examiner - ‎06/lug/2013‎

Welcome to the world of underwater hockey - a global sport that has built a strong following in Tasmania. The sport emerged in the state in the 1980s, and has particularly caught on in Hobart, where 240 players compete in three pennants leagues each week.
DoorCountyDailyNews.com - ‎18/lug/2013‎

Door County's underwater hockey team, the Sturgeons, just returned from the national underwater hockey tournament where they placed 4th overall in the B- Division.
Nelson Mail - ‎25/giu/2013‎

Sarah Preston and Christie Whitehead were both part of gold medal-winning campaigns at the world underwater hockey age group championships in the Netherlands two years ago.
France 3 - ‎05/lug/2013‎

Le hockey subaquatique : ça se joue au fond du bassin ! Le fond de la piscine, c'est le terrain de jeu de l'équipe de France de hockey subaquatique actuellement à l'entraînement au Puy-en-Velay. Palme, masque tuba et cross sont de rigueur pour draguer ...

Dublin to host underwater hockey event this weekend

Newstalk 106-108 fm - ‎21/giu/2013‎

The unusual team sport sees players don a snorkle, grab a specialised small hockey stick, dive underwater and try to get the weighted puck into the opposing goal.

This is Cornwall - ‎19/giu/2013‎

HELSTON Community College A level Student Suzy Beddow has been selected to represent Great Britain's U23 Underwater hockey team at this summer's World Championships in Eiger,
Hungary. The 17-year-old's selection represents the recognition of her ...

3News NZ - ‎15/giu/2013‎

New Zealand's men's, women's and youth underwater hockey teams were strutting their stuff in Auckland this afternoon, ahead of August's World Champs in Hungary.
DirectMatin.fr - ‎21/giu/2013‎

Difficile de suivre une partie de hockey subaquatique sans se mouiller. Si la retransmission des championnats importants se fait généralement sur grand écran, grâce à des caméras aquatiques, il n'est pas rare que certains spectateurs se jettent à l'eau ...

Making Waves

Nouse - ‎18/giu/2013‎

Octopush is effectively underwater hockey. It is a six-a-side game, and teams work a plastic puck across the bottom of a swimming pool, through the opposing team and into a metal trough, or goal, that is also known as a 'gully'.
The News Record - ‎27/mag/2013‎

The rec also hosts the UC club swim team, the UC club Water Polo team and underwater hockey teams. Q: What should incoming freshmen know about the CRC?
La Meuse - ‎31/mag/2013‎

Le hockey subaquatique, vous connaissez ? C'est une discipline très populaire en Nouvelle-zélande, où Nathalie Meessen a appris à connaître cette discipline. Depuis, cette Baelenoise évolue dans un club à Louvain-la-Neuve et a gagné ses galons de ...

Plimmerton underwater hockey player makes splash for NZ

The Dominion Post - ‎04/giu/2013‎

A Plimmerton swimmer has been selected to represent New Zealand in the world underwater hockey championships this year. Emma Symonds will play in the New Zealand under-19 team in Hungary in August.
This is Gloucestershire - ‎27/mag/2013‎

"But this year we'll bring it in and that's underwater hockey. "You're on the surface looking down at the where the weighted puck is, and each player will have a stick.
La Voix du Nord - ‎25/mag/2013‎

C'est une discipline qui, même si elle réclame du physique et de la technique, est accessible à tous (à la seule condition d'aimer l'eau et de savoir nager). De quoi parle-t-on ? Du hockey subaquatique. Oui, on joue aussi au hockey dans le fond de la ...

Local athletes hope to make a splash with underwater hockey

Ithaca Journal - ‎20/apr/2013‎

Underwater hockey may not be an ideal spectator sport, but its players are immersed in enthusiasm. Twice a week, members of Ithaca Underwater Hockey at Cornell gather to hone their skills, play scrimmages and lift their sport a little more out of ...
New York Times - ‎20/apr/2013‎

In June 1998, I traveled to San Jose, Calif., to play for South Africa's national team competing in the underwater hockey world championships. In underwater hockey, players wear a mask, fins and a snorkel, and dive to the bottom of the pool and compete ...
August Margaret River Mail - ‎16/apr/2013‎

Garage sale helps underwater hockey title bid. April 16, 2013, 10 p.m.. Fundraiser: Australian underwater hockey player Sunny Pasco heads off to Hungary in a few months.

Rare, 50-year-old sport practiced in Duncanville

The Daily Campus - ‎16/apr/2013

According to research conducted by Barnes's teammate Vipa Bernhardt, an estimated 12,048 players in 28 countries compete in underwater hockey, and about 10 of them play at the Duncanville High School Natatorium 13 miles south of Dallas. They meet ...
Sud Ouest - ‎08/apr/2013‎

Qu'est-ce qui a bien pu se passer dans la tête du premier joueur de hockey subaquatique ? En effet, quelle drôle d'idée d'aller pousser avec une crosse un palet au fond d'une piscine. Et pourtant, samedi et dimanche prochain (1), ils seront quelque 250 ...


Torino 2015 capitale Europea dello Sport   25/mar/2013
Domenica 24 marzo  si terrà la prima giornata del Campionato Italiano di Hockey Subacqueo 2013.

L'équipe de France de hockey subaquatique à la Vague en juillet

Le Progrès - ‎11/apr/2013‎

L'équipe de France de hockey subaquatique à la Vague en juillet. Publiée le 11/04/2013 à 21:20. L'équipe de France de hockey subaquatique à la Vague en juillet. Sport. Alors que le club ponot affiche une belle santé, il peut aussi s'enorgueillir de ...
Orlando Sentinel - ‎12/apr/2013‎

Twice a week a group meets at the YMCA Aquatic Center in Orlando to play underwater hockey. The sport, which is very loosely based on ice hockey, has players wearing goggle, fins and a snorkel push a puck into a goal.
DoorCountyDailyNews.com - ‎10/apr/2013‎

Underwater hockey is gaining popularity in Door County as the Door County Sturgeons won a regional tournament this past weekend.
TorinoFree.it - ‎23/mar/2013‎

Hockey Subacqueo Prenderà il via domani, domenica 24 marzo, il campionato italiano di Hockey Subacqueo 2013. Le gare si disputeranno nella piscina Stadio Monumentale di Torino di Corso Galileo Ferraris 294. Le partite avranno inizio alle ore 8,30 per ...

Hockey subaquatique : le club quimpérois en pleine ascension

Cöté Quimper - ‎12/apr/2013‎

Leur arme de prédilection est la crosse : tous sont adeptes du hockey Subaquatique au sein du club quimpérois, créé il y a quatre ans. « Nous sommes 45, dont quinze jeunes, à pratiquer cette discipline, nous indique Audrey De Almeida, vice présidente ...
Zoomdici.fr - ‎11/apr/2013‎

Ce championnat de promotion du hockey subaquatique verra s'affronter les 11 équipes qui représentent les différents comités régionaux regroupés au sein de la FFESSM (fédération nationale d'études et sports sous-marins). ... un bon résultat, estiment ...
Grocott's Mail Online - ‎19/mar/2013‎

South Africa's top underwater hockey players will be in action in Grahamstown this weekend. It's the South African Underwater Hockey Federation's (SAUWHF) national championships. The action takes place on Friday and Saturday. All the games take place ...
Rochdale Online - ‎20/mar/2013‎

Rochdale Mantas win junior underwater hockey Championship. Date published: 20 March 2013. Rochdale Mantas Under 14 team battled consistently to become junior champions against teams from Team South West Green (2nd), Xarifa Coyotes (3rd), ...

A vos masques et tubas

LaDépêche.fr - ‎16/apr/2013a‎

Patrick Plaquin, commissaire de la compétition, parle d'un «championnat assuré de main de maître par l'ensemble de l'équipe du SABBE», un peu plus loin, une spectatrice qui suit le hockey subaquatique depuis près de 25 ans annonce : «Je n'avais encore ...
LOCAL2 Sault Ste. Marie - ‎18/mar/2013‎

underwater hockey. The Soo Tridents Underwater Hockey team attended to Guelph this past weekend for the 33rd Annual College Royale Tournament.
PolicyMic - ‎10/apr/2013‎

She kept signing me up for anything from swimming, dance, soccer, synchronized swimming, and even underwater hockey (yes that's a thing, Google it).
Sud Ouest - ‎08/apr/2013‎

Qu'est-ce qui a bien pu se passer dans la tête du premier joueur de hockey subaquatique ? En effet, quelle drôle d'idée d'aller pousser avec une crosse un palet au fond d'une piscine. Et pourtant, samedi et dimanche prochain (1), ils seront quelque 250 ...
Sud Ouest - ‎14/apr/2013‎

Le hockey subaquatique est un sport de contact, assez proche de son cousin sur glace, même si les phases de jeu ne durent qu'entre trente secondes et une minute, le temps d'une apnée. à ce petit jeu-là, les Isérois de Moirans, tenants du titre dans les ...

Take the plunge with underwater hockey

Canadian University Press Newswire - ‎05/mar/2013‎

Underwater hockey is just like ice hockey, except it's played at the bottom of a pool filled with water. And instead of toothless, angry brutes covered in protective padding, it's men and women with pearly whites in skin-tight bathing suits.
Fortune - ‎04/mar/2013‎

Lyndon Rive (ex USA National UWH player)  discussed, among other things, what makes SolarCity different, the future of solar power, and the company's success so far with Wall Street.

Top underwater hockey event for G'town

Grocott's Mail Online - ‎22/feb/2013‎

Grahamstown will be the host venue for this year's South African Senior Nationals Underwater Hockey Championships. The event will take place from Friday 22 to Saturday 23 March at the DSG indoor swimming pool.

Hockey subaquatique / Gautier Watelet champion d'Europe 2013

L'Union - ‎22/feb/2013‎

Pilier de l'ACS, reconnu comme un des meilleurs joueurs dans le monde de hockey subaquatique, Gautier a été sollicité, comme chaque année, par des équipes étrangères. Cette année, il a répondu à Barcelone qui compte déjà un autre joueur français.

Top underwater hockey event for G'town

Grocott's Mail Online - ‎22/feb/2013‎

According to Ashleigh Connor, secretary of the SA Underwater Hockey federation (SAUWHF), this is the first time the prestigious tournament will be held in Grahamstown.

Fougères. Hockey subaquatique : un spectacle à couper le souffle

Ouest-France - ‎16/feb/2013‎

Fougères (Ille-et-Vilaine) accueille ce samedi et demain dimanche une compétition de hockey subaquatique, discipline en pleine progression. Dans l'eau, tous sont palmés, masqués et équipés de tubes. Une douzaine de joueurs en tout, sans compter huit ...
Collie Mail - ‎06/feb/2013‎

Winners: Shannon Griffiths and Rhys Milburn (left) have been selected for the international underwater hockey tournament in Hungary later this year.
Ouest-France - ‎14/feb/2013‎

Pour la première fois à l'Aquatis, la piscine de Fougères (Ille-et-Vilaine), va se dérouler, ce week-end, une compétition de hockey subaquatique. Les principes du jeu sont identiques au hockey sur glace. Ils consistent à faire progresser, à l'aide d ...
L'Alsace.fr - ‎18/feb/2013‎

Lorsqu'ils parlent de hockey subaquatique, Stéphane Bardet et Laurent Guion sont intarissables. Tous deux membres du Touring Plongée Mulhouse (TPM), ils se font un plaisir de répondre aux questions et d'expliquer en quoi consiste cette discipline ...
Henley Standard - ‎11/feb/2013‎

Next up were the Reading and Caversham Underwater Hockey clubs. The divers finished the evening with another display of air acrobatics.
Denver Post - ‎05/feb/2013‎

In October 2011, TeamSnap said it had signed on 50,000 teams in 110 countries, including the Zululand Underwater Hockey squad in South Africa and the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club.

LBReport.com - ‎07/feb/2013‎

There are even facilities that have started using the diving well for underwater hockey and water skiing trick practice. If the outdoor portion is designed for more recreational use, it could incorporate the bulk-head discussed to allow short course ...

Tassie teams surface with gold

Tasmania Mercury - ‎29/gen/2013

TASMANIA has emerged with two gold and three silver medals at the Australian Underwater Hockey Championships which finished in Hobart yesterday.

Hungary for success

Tasmania Mercury - ‎23/gen/2013

CLOSE to 250 players will converge on the Hobart Aquatic Centre from tomorrow for the national underwater hockey championships, with the host state looking to continue its dominance in various age groups.
Fenceviewer - ‎16/gen/2013‎

Mr. Monat, a master diver, has been periodically organizing underwater hockey since the early '90s. On Mr. Horton's first night the turnout was the “the best we have had in quite a while,” Mr. Monat said.
CBC.ca - ‎10/gen/2013‎

Underwater hockey, a sport that dates back to the 1950s in England, is increasing in popularity in Calgary. Caleb Kruger is part of the Calgary Underwater Hockey Club. "There's nothing like that, holding your breath and going on the bottom and just ...

Du côté de l'étang

L'indépendant.fr - ‎09/gen/2013‎

Danses. Mercredi 16 janvier, troisième initiation de danses du monde, rendez-vous au PIJ à partir de 13 h. Hockey subaquatique. Mercredi 23 janvier, hockey subaquatique, rendez-vous au PIJ à 13 h. Jeu télévisé. Vendredi 25 janvier, soirée jeu télévisé ...

Five of 2012's more offbeat sports stories

Toronto Star - ‎24/dic/2012‎

Octopush, also known as underwater hockey, has been a divided sport since 2006, when some adherents of the submarine game broke off to create a new governing body.

Salerno: Venerdì 28 la manifestazione “L'Atleta in festa”

Salernonotizie.it - ‎21/dic/2012‎

... Santina Desideria Bove (Kick boxing). Durante la serata saranno assegnati anche due premi speciali all'Associazione Motociclista Salerno in moto e alla San Vincenzo Sub di Mercato S. Severino, società campione d'Italia under 15 di hockey subacqueo.
LaPresse.ca - ‎19/dic/2012‎

Le hockey subaquatique a d'abord été pratiqué avec des bonbonnes par des plongeurs britanniques qui voulaient garder la forme en hiver. Maintenant, on joue avec un tuba pour respirer à la surface sans rien manquer du jeu. Les joueurs portent un masque ...
Ithaca College The Ithacan - ‎12/dic/2012‎

Ithaca Underwater Hockey Shawn Steiner/The Ithacan From left, Ithaca Underwater Hockey members Alessandro Farsi and Reid Davis battle for a puck Monday on the bottom of the Athletics and Events center pool in an underwater hockey practice. By Alex ...
San Jose Mercury News - ‎11/dic/2012‎

A lot of them cycle. Google CEO Larry Page is an avid windsurfer. Then there's Lyndon Rive, the CEO of SolarCity, which is expected to price its IPO Tuesday evening.

Bell's host schools hockey

Perthshire Advertiser - ‎04/dic/2012‎

The event was well supported by members of the hockey sub-section of the Perth and Kinross school sport planning group as well as members of Perthshire Hockey Club.

Hockey with a big twist

Busselton Dunsborough Mail - ‎04/dic/2012‎

Underwater hockey is set to begin next month at the Geographe Leisure Centre. The game, played on the bottom of the pool with a puck that slides along when flicked by a short wooden bat, is played already in Margaret River, Bunbury, Collie and Perth.

Strange sports

The Canberra Times - ‎29/nov/2012‎

Underwater hockey. Because playing hockey on land wasn't hard enough. A curriculum sport in Tasmania, underwater hockey has a smaller, but equally passionate, following in Canberra. Underwater, participants operate their 30-centimetre sticks with skill ...
my.hsj.org - ‎28/nov/2012‎

Underwater hockey (or octopus hockey) is a non-contact underwater sport that has two teams. Underwater Hockey was started in 1954 in the United Kingdom by Alan Blake, where it was originally called “Octopush,” and many people call it by that name today.
San Jose Mercury News - ‎27/nov/2012‎

SolarCity's CEO is Lyndon Rive, an entrepreneur and native of South Africa who has been a member of the U.S. National Underwater Hockey Team. Peter Rive, his brother, is the company's chief technology officer. The Rive brothers co-founded the company ...

DRK-Hochschulgruppe an der UWH freut sich über erste gelungene ...

Lokalkompass.de - ‎25/nov/2012‎

DRK-Hochschulgruppe an der UWH freut sich über erste gelungene Aktion. Studierende üben die Helmabnahme bei einem bewußtlosen Motorradfahrer Bildergalerie: 4 Bilder. Studierende üben die Helmabnahme bei einem bewußtlosen Motorradfahrer ...
The Nelson Mail - ‎13/nov/2012‎

New Zealand under-23 underwater hockey team: Zach Coombes King. New Zealand under-19 underwater hockey team: Justin Sturrock.

Underwater hockey
players get thrown into the deep end

Colorado Daily - ‎26/set/2012‎
O n Friday night at 8 p.m., the University of Colorado's Recreation Center pool was filled with students and locals in swim suits, flippers and snorkel gear, awaiting the start of another weekly underwater hockey game. Six players waded at the west end ...
Dorset Echo - ‎29/set/2012‎

EIGHT members of Weymouth & Portland Octopush Club took part in an underwater hockey tournament in Southampton. The friendly event at the Applemore Leisure Centre was well suited to the Weymouth players - Linda Ashmore, Kate Berry, Evie Gibson, ...

ParmaCup 2012, grande successo per il torneo internazionale di ...

Sport Parma - ‎34 minuti fa‎

Si è conclusa sabato scorso 1 settembre presso la piscina estiva di Moletolo gestita dalla Coopernuoto la ParmaCup 2012, quinta edizione del torneo internazionale di hockey subacqueo organizzato dalla ParmaSub col patrocinio del comune di Parma, della ...

Hockey Subacqueo, i grandi sono il 1 settembre alla Parmacup ...

Sport Parma - ‎31/ago/2012

Come ogni anno da 5 a questa parte l'associazione ParmaSub organizza il torneo internazionale di hockey subacqueo della città di Parma, che si terrà sabato 1 settembre presso la piscina comunale estiva G.Onesti di Moletolo con inizio alle ore 9 di mattina
Le Télégramme - ‎01/set/2012‎

C'est un sport un peu particulier qui a pris possession des fonds de la piscine découverte de Pontivy: le hockey subaquatique. La coupe du Morbihan était organisée. «C'est une coupe qui ne compte pas pour le championnat», explique Philippe Lépineux, ...
Geelong Advertiser - ‎26/ago/2012‎

But forget flesh-eating fish this was the state championships in underwater hockey at the Geelong Grammar Wellness Centre yesterday.

L'estate non è finita: tutti pazzi per il Salerno Summer Show

IRNO.IT Quotidiano di Salerno - ‎24/ago/2012‎

14 - Hockey Subacqueo, a Mercato San Severino... 15 - Ciclismo, tutto pronto per il Memorial "... 15 - Lutto nello sport, il calcio salernitano... 19 - Teramo - ITC Store Salerno 31-29. Teramo... ▻ Aprile (15). 03 - Pallanuoto, poker di vittorie per il ...

Mad, bad, rad! The craziest extreme sports ever

Nokia Conversations - ‎23/ago/2012‎

Underwater Hockey. One of the official sports at the World Alternative Games is Underwater Hockey. Players have masks, fins and snorkels, and the sticks are smaller, but otherwise it's pretty much ice-hockey - just a bit slower, non-contact, and, well ...

Llanwrtyd Wells stages alternative Olympic games

BBC News - ‎17/ago/2012‎

A town famed for its peculiar sports is staging an alternative to the Olympics, with underwater hockey, wife carrying and gravy wrestling among the events.

Olimpiadi Londra 2012: ma ci sono anche i World Alternative Games

Blogosfere (Blog) - ‎06/ago/2012‎

Oppure hockey subacqueo? O una gara di corsa porta mogli? O sfida all'ultimo crollo psicologico per sasso/carta/forbice? Laddove è la torcia col fuoco ad accendere i giochi olimpici, anche i World Alternative Games avranno una loro cerimonia d'apertura ...
Quali sport si fanno sott'acqua?
Focus - ‎30/lug/2012‎

Il più noto è l'hockey subacqueo, chiamato anche octopush perché in origine si affrontavano 8 giocatori per squadra e il bastone era detto pusher. Se ne sono disputati già 15 campionali mondiali. I 12 giocatori (6 per squadra) indossano maschere ...

À Pontivy, l'équipe de France de hockey subaquatique en stage

Ouest-France - ‎28/lug/2012‎

L'équipe de France de hockey subaquatique est en stage à partie d'aujourd'hui et durant trois jours, à Pontivy. Ce matin, les douze jeunes femmes, âgées de 18 à 35 ans et venues de tout le pays, s'entraînent à la piscine découverte. Le team France ..

Underwater hockey makes a splash

Portland Tribune - ‎22/ago/2012‎

Underwater hockey (also sometimes called, in the UK, “octopush”) has rules mostly similar to those of the sport's terrestrial and frozen cousins.

New Year, New Leaf: Try new things in college

The Independent Florida Alligator - ‎21/ago/2012‎

If you get invited to an ultimate Frisbee tournament, a hula-hoop jam, a vegan Thanksgiving feast, underwater hockey practice or a Hare Krishna drum circle, go.
STV Local - ‎17/ago/2012‎

Kids in New Zealand get to play underwater hockey as part of their P.E lessons and the sport features on TV down under, but the UK tends to stick to its traditional sports - leaving octopush overlooked.

Sault Tridents Players Make Canadian Team for America's Cup

LOCAL2 Sault Ste. Marie - ‎13/ago/2012‎

underwater hockey poster Over the past week, three members of the Sault Tridents Underwater Hockey ventured to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the 2012 America's Cup Underwater Hockey Championships. This tournament encompassed a championship ...

Roger Bacon makes underwater power play

Cincinnati.com - ‎31/lug/2012‎

Roger Bacon Underwater Hockey: The Roger Bacon High School underwater team practices at the University of Cincinnati Campus Rrecreation Center.

City recreation facility celebrates 25 years of swimming and skating

The Coloradoan - ‎30/lug/2012‎

On Sunday, community members, athletes and employees gathered to mark the milestone with a 25th anniversary celebration at EPIC, including cupcakes, miniature beach balls and expositions of sports from figure skating to underwater hockey. EPIC came ...


The art of doing it like the dolphins
Nelson Mail - 09/lug/2012‎
Ask any underwater hockey player how long they can hold their breath and you might be surprised at the answer.

Underwater four play for country
August Margaret River Mail - ‎04/lug/2012‎

FOUR Margaret River underwater hockey players will represent their state and country at the 2012 Southern Hemisphere Underwater Hockey Championships being held on the Gold Coast, Queensland, next week.

Five Nelson players to represent NZ in Aust
Nelson Mail - ‎03/lug/2012‎

Seven members of the Nelson Sharks Underwater Hockey Club are travelling to Australia's Gold Coast on Friday to contest both the Australia Cup and Trans-Tasman series.

Hargest teen on way to Gold Coast
Southland Times - ‎02/lug/2012‎

The 17-year-old has been named in the New Zealand under-23 underwater hockey team to head to the Gold Coast this week and take part in a trans-Tasman series.

Bologna e lo sport contro la crisi
Telesanterno - ‎28/giu/2012‎
... la pesca sia solo un hobby domenicale, dovrà invece ricredersi, poiché al quarto posto troviamo inaspettatamente la pesca sportiva, sostenuta soprattutto dalle specialità che vedono Bologna ai vertici nazionale, come il nuoto pinnato o l'hockey subacqueo ...

London 2012 Olympics: 20 Sports We Wish Were Part of the Olympic games...

Bleacher Report - ‎28/giu/2012‎
If you've never heard of underwater hockey before, listen up. The sport is played seven feet under water, and players are not allowed to use any sort of breathing apparatus.

Sturgeon Bay: Swimmers jump in to new sport

Green Bay Press Gazette - 27/giu/2012
The latest addition to the Door County YMCA's stable of participant sports is underwater hockey. / Submitted Something new has gotten under way at the Door County YMCA's Sturgeon Bay Program Center. Although it involves a puck, hockey sticks, ...

Water world of fun as Capital's octopush stars get set for glory

Edinburgh Evening News - ‎19/giu/2012‎
Despite its relative obscurity, underwater hockey in Scotland and across the United ... “It is recognised around the world as underwater hockey, but the name ...

Underwater Hockey Takes Swimming to a New Level

Yahoo! Sports - ‎07/giu/2012‎

I know swimming is a great form of exercise, and summer is a terrific time to hit the pool, but just swimming laps can be awfully boring.

Underwater... hockey?

CTV.ca - ‎04/giu/2012‎
Underwater hockey is catching on at CAMO Club in Montreal. ... I've tried soccer, hockey and once you've triedunderwater hockey you feel it is different. I just fell ...

HOCKEY SUBAQUATIQUE / Elite Sedan au pied du podium

L'Union - ‎03/giu/2012‎
C'est incontestable : les championnats de France élite 2012 organisés à Montluçon ont été les les plus relevés de l'histoire du hockey européen ! Songez seulement : 35 internationaux, 21 médaillés mondiaux, 12 champions du monde…

Calls for a new 50-metre pool in Wellington

The Dominion Post - ‎28/mag/2012‎
Underwater hockey player Fergus Griffin-George went to the council last week because he was annoyed at the lack of training time and space available in ..

Rivalry spills into pool

Standard Freeholder - ‎27/mag/2012‎
The CAMO team from Montreal captured the 2012 Canadian Nationals for underwater hockey, on Sunday afternoon at the Cornwall Aquatic Centre.

Il fascino dei gol in acqua: da Mercato i "campioncini" di hockey ...

Corriere della Sera - ‎18/mag/2012‎
SALERNO - Probabilmente, anzi quasi sicuramente, non conoscete questo sport, in cui Mercato San Severino si è laureata campione: l'hockey subacqueo. La "San Vincenzo Sub" ha vinto i campionati italiani nella categoria Under 15.

RJFM info Montluçon : l'actu du mercredi 16 mai 2012

http://www.rjfm.net/ - ‎16/mag/2012‎
Le championnat national de hockey subaquatique débute demain, en attendant le week-end des 25, 26 et 27 mai où se déroulera l'essentiel des compétitions. Athlétisme, hors stade. Avec la 9e édition des Foulées commentryennes ce soir à partir de 19 ...

Successo a Mercato S.Severino per i campioni italiani di Hockey ...

Salernonotizie.it - ‎15/mag/2012‎
Grande successo alla cerimonia organizzata per la squadra "San Vincenzo Sub" di Mercato S. Severino che si è laureata campione d'Italia di hockey subacqueo nella categoria under 15. Nella serata di ieri, presso le piscine “San Vincenzo”, ...
El Diario del Sur de Córdoba - ‎13/mag/2012‎
El seleccionado de Córdoba clasificó ayer a la final del Campeonato Argentino de Hockey Sub 21, al superar en definición por penales australianos a Mendoza, con una gran actuación de la arquera villamariense Antonella Brondello.

Montpellier en champion à Berck

lereveildeberck.fr - ‎15/mag/2012‎
C'est sous un soleil éblouissant que le bassin de l'Agora à Berck s'est transformé en terrain de hockey subaquatique à l'occasion des championnats de France division 3 masculine. Beaucoup de monde dedans : 120 joueurs pour 12 équipes venues des quatre ...

Five New Summer Sports Trends for 2012

Yahoo! Sports - ‎30/apr/2012‎
Also known as underwater hockey, the idea is simple. It is still not that popular in the US, but the people of England have made it into a game that has regulated leagues and championships.

Leading A Strange Group (Even If You're Inexperienced)

Business 2 Community - ‎05/mag/2012‎
In each case, I was at an underwater hockey tournament playing with a team put together just for that tournament. The players were from different locations, most had never played together before, and the players had vastly-different skill and ability ...
The Spoof (satire) - ‎10/mag/2012‎
The couple met in January 2010 at tryouts for a gay underwater hockey league in Tampa. "I flirted hard," Mr. Biden said, "and got his attention only after getting a penalty for unnecessary roughness.
Vineland Daily Journal - ‎30/apr/2012‎
How about my underwater hockey team? If the high-speed line of rich folks and their fancy cars were doing nothing wrong en route to AC, why did they cover their license plates with tape, itself an illegal act?

BOB INGLE: No secrecy or special treatment

Cherry Hill Courier Post - ‎29/apr/2012‎
How about my underwater hockey team? If the high-speed line of rich folks and their fancy cars were doing nothing wrong, why did they cover their license plates with tape, itself an illegal act?

Tired of futsal? Try underwater hockey

AsiaOne - ‎11/apr/2012‎
This is the sight of a game called Octopush, or underwater hockey. It is definitely not as popular as futsal is in Jakarta, but the number of people who enjoyed the game here is growing, albeit slowly.

HOCKEY SUBAQUATIQUE: Deux équipes médaillées aux championnats de ...

77info.fr - ‎01/apr/2012‎
Deux équipes seine-et-marnaises sont montées sur le podium des championnats de France minimes/juniors à La Rochelle ce week-end. Les juniors du club de Fontenay Trésigny ont décroché la médaille de bronze lors des championnats de France à la Rochelle ...

Juan Muñoz ha participado en el Cuatro Naciones de Hockey sub...

Diario de Cádiz - ‎09/apr/2012‎
El jugador del Club de Hockey San Fernando Juan Muñoz Lechuga ha estado presente en el Cuatro Naciones de Hockey que se ha celebrado recientemente en la localidad holandesa de Aerdenhout. El isleño ha formado parte del combinado español sub-18 que ha ...
LaDépêche.fr - ‎04/apr/2012‎
Le hockey subaquatique est un slalom à réaliser au fond de l'eau avec crosse et palet. Enfin, la course sur toute la longueur du bassin sur des flotteurs en faisant, un voire plusieurs escamotages. À l'issue de la journée, le classement individuel par ...
Sud Ouest - ‎03/apr/2012‎
(PHOTO DR) L'équipe de Saintes de hockey subaquatique a remporté la deuxième manche de Division 1, ce qui la classe, de façon provisoire, à la 11e place au plan national. Cette formation, qui est constituée d'une majorité de jeunes joueurs, ...

Grade 11 students lead Junior School co-curriculars

NorthumberlandView.ca - ‎03/apr/2012‎
There were multiple events including ringette and underwater hockey. Our class in particular ran an “amazing race” in which we combined a number of different activities that incorporated both mental and physical components.

Underwater hockey nationals in Cornwall

Standard Freeholder - ‎03/apr/2012‎

The Canadian Underwater Hockey Nationals will be held in Cornwall, from May 25-27. NAV?CENTRE?will host the event, with more than 100 athletes from up to 13 teams from across the country expected to participate in the competition.

Soo Tridents Show How It's DoneLOCAL2 Sault Ste. Marie - ‎19/mar/2012‎T

The Soo Tridents Underwater Hockey Team ventured to Guelph, Ontario this past weekend for the 32nd Annual College Royale Underwater Hockey Tournament. This is a large tournament which attracts a number of high level teams from across Canada and the ...

Underwater hockey team Huddersfield Sharks on verge of extinction

Huddersfield Examiner - ‎14/mar/2012‎

by Kelly Bainbridge, Huddersfield Daily Examiner But now an award-winning underwater hockey team in Huddersfield is on the verge of being shut down.

Pointbreak Open Water Challenge

New Era - ‎07/mar/2012‎
She will compete against Charmaine Shannon, Tamsin Bowra and Zoey Mitchell who are all excellent swimmers but may find it tough against Miena who is at her peak after playing underwater hockey for the Springboks in 2011. Alexander Skinner's son, young ...

Underwater Hockey: Edinburgh Hippos stars represent Scotland

The Edinburgh Journal - 01/mar/2012
Last month Edinburgh's underwater hockey club participated in the prestigious Euroclubs Event, also known as the Underwater Hockey European Club Championship. Pecs, Hungary was the venue for the 2012 tournament. Smaller nations, including Scotland, ...

MSU Underwater Hockey Team hosts tournament Sunday

MSU State News - ‎26/feb/2012‎
By Lauren Gibbons | Originally Published: 12 hours ago |Modified: 12 hours ago | With fins flapping and water splashing, underwater hockey players from 10 different colleges and cities competed for fun and glory this weekend in MSU's 12th annual ...

Sault Tridents Place Fourth - Blame 'inconsistent refereeing'

LOCAL2 Sault Ste. Marie - ‎28/feb/2012‎
The Sault Tridents Underwater Hockey team attended to Lansing, Michigan for the annual TOL Tournament. This is a regularly scheduled annual tournament which attracts teams from Ontario, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

Big turn out for memorial
Collie Mail - ‎15/feb/2012
Collecting the wooden spoon was the team of Jamie North, Jean Hardy, Mark Wilcox, Clair Gleeson and Clayton Jendrzejak. Underwater hockey is played Monday and Wednesday. Juniors play at 7pm and seniors are 7.30pm. Old and new players are welcome and ...

Le iniziative FIPSAS per l'Eudishow
Apnea Magazine - ‎10/feb/2012‎
6 G29/F30), che ospiterà anche i settori Didattica Subacquea, Nuoto Pinnato e SFAI, per tutta la durata della manifestazione fieristica verranno proiettati filmati promozionali riguardanti Hockey Sub, Rugby Sub, Tiro al Bersaglio Sub, ...

Digney was nationals' most valuable player
Collie Mail - ‎08/feb/2012‎
COLLIE'S Scott Digney was the most valuable player in the underwater hockey national grand final in Perth last month. Digney, the veteran centre forward for the Western Australian men's elite team won the honour as his team won the division's gold ...

Overjoyed underwater team

Tasmania Mercury - ‎02/feb/2012‎
TASMANIA has claimed only its second open women's underwater hockey national title with victory in Perth, WA, last week.

Keen for underwater impact
TheMercury.com.au - ‎20/gen/2012‎
Picture: KIM EISZELE TASMANIA will be out to defend its national under-19s title at the Australian Underwater Hockey Championships starting on Monday in Perth.

Underwater hockey: 14 in state teams

August Margaret River Mail - ‎27/gen/2012‎
FOURTEEN members of the Margaret River Underwater Hockey Club are representing WA this week at the 2012 Australian National Underwater Hockey Championships. It is one of the largest representations the club has had at the nationals with two junior ...

The wild and wacky world of sport

Postnoon - ‎26/gen/2012‎
Also called underwater hockey, octopush is a global non-contact sport in which two teams compete to manoeuvre a puck across the bottom of a swimming pool into goals.

Underwater hockey coming to Nashua YMCA in January
Nashua Telegraph - ‎01/gen/2012‎
By CAMERON KITTLE Christopher Niezrecki stands for a portrait Tuesday evening near the YMCA pool, where he's starting an underwater hockey club at the Nashua YMCA.

Odd sports cater for all sorts
The West Australian - ‎08/gen/2012‎
The stars of underwater hockey, disc golf, dodgeball and bike polo are not household names. But players from these four wacky sports say they are just as passionate and proud as footballers, soccer players or cricketers.

Wales to host wacky alternative to the 2012 London Olympics
WalesOnline - ‎15/nov/2011‎
by Gareth Rosser, Western Mail A WACKY alternative to the Olympics is to be staged in Mid Wales thanks to a Welsh Government grant of £50000.

World Alternative Games Brings 16 Days of Wacky Sports
Yahoo! Sports - ‎29/nov/2011‎
While most of the world focuses on the Olympics in 2012, Mid Wales will be hosting the World Alternative Games. This 16-day event is the first ever to be held in Llanwrtyd Wells.

Introducing... Octopush
The Edinburgh Journal - ‎30/nov/2011‎
The Edinburgh University Sub-Aqua Club has enjoyed a tremendous start to its year, building on last year's success. The team held a 100 per cent record over other University Octopush

Sault Tridents London Tournament

LOCAL2 Sault Ste. Marie - ‎01/nov/2011‎
This past weekend saw the Sault Tridents Underwater Hockey Club participate in its first tournament for the year; the annual London Dolphins Underwater Hockey Tournament at the Carling Heights Optimist Pool.

Turkish free diver breaks two world records in record attempts in Egypt

Today's Zaman - ‎11/nov/2011‎
In the record attempts for underwater sports held by the World Underwater Federation (CMAS) between Nov.10 and 12 in Egypt's Dahab province, Turkish free diver Şahika Ercümen broke two world records in her attempts on Thursday.

Photographer Sol Neelman Loves Weird Sports and Sharing Them with Us

Yahoo! Sports - ‎13/nov/2011‎
By Lisa Mason, Yahoo! Contributor Network Nov 14, 1:42 am EST If you thought you'd seen everything, you probably have not seen the photos from photographer Sol Neelman who travels the globe in search of the world's strangest competitions.

Canadians take hockey underwater

KARE - ‎20/nov/2011‎
YELLOWKNIFE, Canada (CNN) - It's almost a right of passage. Playing hockey on a frozen pond. But in Yellowknife, players are moving the game indoors... to a surprising location. Under water. They also call it octopushing, and anyone with access to a ...

Video: Canadians play hockey underwateralt WIVB


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